Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)


Is ahpcz an association

Allied Health Practitioners Council of Zimbabwe (AHPCZ or Council) is not an association. It is a regulatory body established in terms of the Health Professions Act (Chapter 27:19) to register and regulate Allied Health Practitioners.Its mandate is to assist in the promotion of health for the Zimbabwean population through regulating, controlling, supervising all matters affecting training, registration, practice and enforcing ethics and discipline amongst health practitioners.

What does it mean to be an ahpcz practitioner

The Health Professions Act Chapter 27:19 was established basically to safeguard and protect the public of Zimbabwe who need health services. AHPCZ is therefore there to ensure that this happens through regulating its practitioners by ensuring that they are fit to practise. Once a practitioner receives a registration certificate as per section 77, they are expected to perform within the minimum set standards so as to protect the public. Every year a practitioner should have a valid Practising Certificate.

What does it mean to renew?

Renewal is a process that every practitioner in the AHPCZ register should go through every year so that they comply with the law. Section 92 of the Health Professions Act states that no person who is registered in terms of this Act shall practise or carry on the profession except in accordance with a valid practising certificate held by him

I paid my money but I did not get my practising certificate?

Renewal is a process that should be done by each and every AHPCZ practitioner before their current practising certificate expires as cited by the Act. Full renewal constitutes a filled in renewal form, proof of payment and Cpd points(for Selected Professions)

What are cpd points and why are they important?

Continuous Professional Development is a process by which health professionals maintain, update, develop and enhance their professional skills and attitudes. CPD is an on-going process of formal and informal education , in service training, learning and support activities in which health professionals take part to ensure quality care service. Continuing Professional Development ensures that both academic and practical qualifications do not become out-dated or obsolete; allowing individuals to continually ‘up skill’ or ‘re-skill’ themselves, regardless of occupation, age or educational level. CPD points are a prerequisite for renewal(for selected professions)

What does accredited institution mean?

An important mandate of AHPCZ is training. Any institution that trains or wishes to train a future AHPCZ Practitioner e.g. Radiographer or Psychologist must be accredited by AHPCZ. This is to say the courses pass through AHPCZ for approval to ensure that minimum standards are met so that the student practitioner is well equipped. Therefore only accredited qualifications are accepted by AHPCZ e.g. you cannot claim to be a Radiographer if you were trained in unaccredited qualification. Foreign qualifications have to be assessed.

What is maintenance?

It is a category of renewal in which a Practitioner opts to be maintained on the AHPCZ register but without receiving a practising certificate. The practitioner will be maintained in the register and the practitioner pays half the amount whilst no CPD points will be requested. At any point during the year, should the practitioner chose to be fully renewed(main register) the practitioner should pay the remaining half and submit CPD points

What is erasure?

As per law, a council may erase the name of all non compliant practitioners. This therefore means that the person is no longer a practitioner and should not at any point practice in any of the AHPCZ professions. Practising will be in violation of section 126

What are the categories of Registration?
  1. Main – Registered on main register without any condition for your practice .
  2. Provisional – Registered with a provisional register, i.e Provisional condition on practising certificate (can be either to gain practical experience or to pass an examination)
  3. Internship-Local: Registered on Internship register, i.e to practice under supervision
  4. Maintenance Foreign practising:
    • Practising out of Zimbabwe and does not require practising certificate. NB: If practising out of the country and requiring practising certificate, one chooses either number 1,2 or 3 above since they will pay as if practising in Zimbabwe.
    • None -Practising: – Registered but not practising in the registered profession or unemployed and does not require practising certificate. NB: If one requiring practising certificate, one chooses either number 1,2 or 3 above since they will pay as if practising.